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Hunny is an all-in-one, social e-commerce platform based on the marketing power of influencers. Members interact with influencers in specific categories such as sports, entertainment, fashion and beauty. They are given curated opportunities to purchase products, discounted deals, and unique experiences not generally offered elsewhere. Members are rewarded in loyalty points for the time they spend on the platform.

Bringing all of these elements together transforms an immature influencer landscape into one that creates a bottom-line benefit for all key stakeholders. Hunny’s use of top technologies like AI (artificial intelligence) and data analytics help advertisers and influencers better understand the behavior of their audience and how to engage them on any given campaign or post.

Big Data meets Deep Data for influencers.

My reputation and power in the sports community will go hand in hand with working with your business model while blending influencers and events in a manner which is very cool, very smart, and extremely integral. I’m fully on board!

Mr. Leonard A. Marshall – New York Giants Two Time Super Bowl Champion

The approach Hunny is taking to strategically align with micro influencers across a broad range of categories is innovative and bold. The further addition of combining influencer interests into specific “lounges” with top “stars” leading the way is unique and powerful.

John Carson – Former President Cadbury Schweppes

I have studied the Hunny platform and model and determined it has…… in the digital/social space….. tremendous scaling potential. You’ve successfully married the world of influencers to experiential opportunities and the Internet.
I am very delighted to be a part of this venture.

Joe Tirinato – Former President MGM Television



What is Hunny?

An AI-powered social e-commerce platform where members can interact with influencers in different categories such as sports, entertainment, fashion and beauty.

In addition to aggregating top social influencers, Hunny also offers members great deals and superior personalized experiences – and brings it all together with social media functionality. We are the first social media platform to combine all these elements.

An AI-powered social e-commerce platform where members can interact with influencers in different categories such as sports, entertainment, fashion and beauty.

Content is curated and customized in conjunction with specific affiliate partners who deliver once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Our social influencers are passionate about what their fans crave and develop amazing content consistently to meet the fervent desires of their followers!

Hunny users receive contextualized discovery, personalized content, and the  opportunity to win and/or purchase once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

How Hunny Leverages Influencers to Drive Engagement

Aligned Relationships

For each portion of their fan base that each influencer brings to Hunny, they receive a percentage in both fee and stock…a win/win for both influencers and users.

Effortless Collaboration

Hunny does all the heavy lifting — Hunny will create solid back-end infrastructure and run social media campaigns around the offerings that all the influencers can utilize. The only “ask” of the influencer is to press “send.”

Sounds like an exciting venture! I’d definitely be interested in being involved. I definitely think I’m the right guy for bringing influencers on board with my 11 years on YouTube and having attended probably a dozen influencer-related conferences now. I’ve met many influencers at those, and just interacting online over the years, so I’m in…

Josh Rimer TV Actor & Travel Vlogger
Wall Street Metrics

Wall Street traditionally equates every 10MM users to a $1B valuation. With the premise that Hunny amalgamates at least 100 micro-stars Day 1, the resulting argument positions the valuation to increase exponentially, even with only a small percentage of influencers’ fan bases who participate.



We believe there is a valuable association with Hunny.
We believe we have the power to influence our viewers to visit your “Hunny” platform.

Xavier Mitchell – CEO OKTV (4MM plus viewers)

I have 3 million followers and would be very willing to “influence“ my followers to join Hunny once you launch later this year.

Shira Lazar – Successful Influencer
CO Founder, CEO and Host of Emmy nominated show

I believe the Hunny platform to be the future of social media and how influencers like myself will grow their brand.

Terrance Thomas – IFBB Professional and Holistic Lifestyle Coach



70% of Teens Trust Influencers More than Traditional Celebrities

It’s extremely difficult for brands to build the same level of trust influencers possess, but thanks to influencer marketing that trust is transmitted to your brand. So much so that 4 in 10 millennial subscribers say their favorite influencer understands them better than their friends.

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