Hunny is an experience for users that surprises and delights them every day, driving repeat visits.

Hunny is an income generation tool for Social Influencers looking to build clout and extend their reach into “universes” beyond their own field of expertise, while enhancing their celebrity image and visibility.

Hunny is an affiliate business partner for Experience Providers & Adventure Guides to maximize opportunities for influencers and users for unique inter-active life journeys not otherwise available.

Hunny is a data warehousing platform, building a powerful database with new insights and trends daily, while creating a formidable customization “mirror” of user preferences based on the ultimate data analytics to offer products and services reflecting user desires.

Hunny Pot: Sports

Sports is a major category on the Hunny platform. Followers of sports influencers will have the opportunity to both purchase and win amazing once-in-a-lifetime experiences. By leveraging our corporate partners within the sports industry, Hunny will make it possible for influencer involvement related to promoting and selling products and unique experiences to participants. Influencers will also be able to collaborate with the Hunny platform in relation to their ecommerce opportunities, and be compensated for each referral.

Hunny Pot: Music

Music is pivotal lifestyle category on the Hunny platform that generates a massive following and buzz. Similar to the Sports “Honey Pot,” users will have the opportunity to purchase or win memorable music, performance, and interactive experiences. Hunny’s music influencers will have access to exclusive news and incredible prizes to pass on to their followers. Influencers will also be able to capitalize on their visibility by redirecting fans to the Hunny platform from their ecommerce pages and be compensated for each referral.

Hunny Pot: Fashion & Beauty

Today’s world of Fashion and Beauty is all encompassing and touches every nuance of life…including when Hunny’s users are “being seen” at a major music concert or in the stands at a Game-On stadium or racing emporium. It’s always about the look, the fashion icon branding, and making an impact. Hunny will integrate this as a major play with influencers who define fashion statements, beauty trend-setters, and the “new age” of trailblazers in the sphere. Once an influencer in the realm of fashion, design, beauty, cosmetics, fragrances aligns with Hunny, there are a multitude of opportunities within the other “Honey Pots” to glean additional fans, while the fans themselves enhance their universe of experiences in music, sports and beyond!


It looks like Hunny will be one of the new disruptive ways we connect online. I think the world is craving more personalized content and experiences and it seems this new platform will be able to deliver just that!

Gretchen Bleiler – Two-time Olympian and Olympic Silver Medalist, World Super Pipe Champion and Four-Time X Games Gold Medallist


86% of Women Use Social Media for Purchasing Advice

When it comes to influencer marketing, over half of women made purchases due to influencer posts with Facebook and Instagram being the preferred platforms. The key to engaging this demographic through influencers is to be genuine and inspirational.

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