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WE took the time to hire a social media expert, don’t take our word for it.

Does it really save time for consumers to have Hunny exist in the marketplace? Is there really a relevant place for this model? All things aside, if ALL we provided was ‘convenience’ and nothing more…..if the Hunny model gave our users time savings that were dimensionally significant. Define “significant.” Okay, over 30 minutes for the average Internet user…maybe even an hour or more to achieve what it is you can achieve by utilizing our model, we would arguably make the case that that justified a place in cyber RE, that that fact alone meant there was an audience because people like to save both time and money.

With that thought made…that conclusion drawn and now fully supported, we at hunny submit to you, our reader, that there is indeed a place for this Process Model in the marketplace. The below questions address what hunny is and the attached supports the time element that one will save when utilizing our model once launched into the marketplace.


What is Hunny?

Hunny is convenience meets opportunity meets “MORE”. Hunny intends to carve out niches for users to make their lives easier….in music or in fashion or in sports for instance. Once there, a user shall be able to browse for experiential events with or without influencers or even celebrities, buy products and services at HUGE discounts, get paid in loyalty points for window shopping, and at a swipe of a finger, go from doing that in the world of football to the world of hip hop to the world of beauty and make up….just like that. Boom! Convenience, opportunity and MORE.

How is Hunny different from other social platforms?

Hunny is all about you, and the things/people/experiences you love. Hunny’s goal is to provide you the exact content you crave, and give you the opportunity to win or purchase truly exciting experiences around the content and celebrities you love. There will also be peer-to-peer sharing or posting of content on Hunny. Hunny is amazing, personalized discovery!

And Hunny makes it easy…simple and easy so that a swipe of the finger is all you ever really need to navigate from A to B to C…the way it should be……

Does Hunny have a rewards program?

Yes, users shall earn points for browsing the platform, referring friends, and giving feedback & responding to surveys. Those points can be redeemed for really relevant things because Hunny will capture data and develop individual personas on all our users so that the experience is always more fulfilling. You can buy a dinner at your favorite steak house or a month’s supply of Starbucks…..just by redeeming your points.

So, Does Hunny collect data from me as a user?

Like any reputable platform, Hunny will scrape available data about you from the social grid upon registration, and you can always opt out of contributing additional data to Hunny. However, Hunny relies on data and analytics in order to deliver the best discovery experience for you. This allows Hunny to better personalize your content and curate more exciting and contextual experiences in your customized feed. Also, in order for Hunny to afford to give you the kinds of things we plan to give away, we have to build data as our core asset. Think of it as the currency you trade in order to get the value propositions you receive.

Tell me more about the value propositions of Hunny..


1. We already covered the convenience factor—going easily from the world of basketball to the world of reggae to the world of fashion

2. How about the fact that once a day, every single day, in every single different silo of Hunny, we will be offering our users a steep steep discount on something they really want…..discounted by at least 50%…every single day! That handbag for $800.00…Not on our site….$400 or less. That Computer for $1,000? $500.00. Those two tickets to the game you wanted or the concert or that dinner at the steak house down the street —ALL heavily discounted.

3. Experiential event offerings tied to the categories that you pick….mainstream like basketball or football, more eclectic like monster trucks or surfing. And not just in sports, events tied to country music or jazz or modeling shows or beauty and make up work shops and more.

4. Hunny will also dole out prizes that range from a car to a month’s supply of Starbucks to a trip to Maui.

5. And Hunny will give you the points in your digital wallet just for showing up and window shopping and for executing e commerce and more. Shall we go on?

It's cool.....I get it, but does it cost me?

Yes and no. No, if you want to make it “no.” We provide everything above for FREE. But, if you want extra….the quintessential “Red Carpet” treatment…..well, we shall have that too. More loyalty points, more VIP access…MORE. Think of it like the difference between the regular membership and Platinum….when we launch, there will be a detailed list of exactly what our paying members will receive.

How do you pay for the discounts?

The discounted items are subsidized to some degree more than zero by us. It’s part of our methodology. WE figured that if we made YOU first, we mean, “really” made you first and treated you like no one else did; well, maybe you would come back and make us the “go to” site for your sports, music, and fashion and beauty needs.

Is Hunny live?

Hunny plans to launch in late 2019 but early registration will be opened up mid year. Send us an email to get on the early bird list! We’ll share some love with you for being part of the early bird crew.

Is Hunny a publicly traded company?

No, Hunny is a private company, and is actively fund raising. See our campaigns on Startengine and Fundable.

Do you have to be accredited to invest in Hunny?

Yes and NO…don’t you just love our answers? Yes to Fundable—only accredited investors are invited to participate. No to Startengine….You can invest as little as $350.00 at $1.00 a share

Is Hunny a social platform?

Not by the traditional definition of the term. Hunny is a ‘Content’ platform that aggregates content from social influencers and affiliate partners to create a unique discovery experience for users.

How do you use influencers on your platform?

Influencers are self motivated to participate because we will be creating a revenue share opportunity so that when anyone from their specific “micro universe” of followers buys anything on Hunny, they will get a piece of the action….for as long as they are a part of Hunny. In the true sense of the word, Hunny is NOT a “roll up” of influencers but it is a sort of hybrid consolidation of influencers on one platform…..ours…to give them…more. They get “more” and you, the user, get more too. That should spell market share and that means MORE for HUNNY as well.

What can I purchase on Hunny?

Hunny shall offer a variety of experiences and products that are unique to our platform. The experiences shall be curated by our influencers and partners, and will typically not be available for purchase anywhere else. They can include personalized VIP experiences with celebrities at high profile events, or adventure packages based on user preferences with lifestyle celebrities and talent. Or as far as the product Line is concerned, think of it like a series of awesome and eclectic “mom and pops” online stores that we took the time to amalgamate for you guys. When you visit the “Tennis Lounge” you will see some really interesting things that relate to that sport that you would not normally be able to find without really searching. That’s the point. Or swipe the finger and find that shopping experience in Polo or in Hip Hop or in make up.

What are the best ways to answer what is the best differentiator of Hunny from anything else out there today?

Great question…We have to sound like a broken record but that’s okay. One you hear this a few more times, you’ll be as excited as we are. Opportunity and Convenience have never quite been put together this way. Want to check out what’s happening in the world of NASCAR? Boom…you’re there! How about FISHING and then check out BASEBALL and GOLF. Easy…nothing to it. Boom. One touch, start talking to people who love what you love, purchase a once-in-a-lifetime trip with your favorite hero, buy something you love and earn points just for window shopping the whole time. And because we intend to make money with a different methodology than most, we don’t have to earn our profits on advertising revenues. Hence, we can take most of those profits and give them back to our users with everything talked about above. At Hunny, Users shall have the chance to win special trips and entre’ to amazing events and places, a FREE car, 6 month’s rent, so much more. WE shall reward users for their time and their data.

What are the macro categories Hunny will cater to?

Hunny will start with SPORTS AND MUSIC and quickly expand to FOOD AND WINE, BEAUTY AND FASHION, ENTERTAINMENT, ART, AND MORE. The topic categories will always be subjects that people are HIGHLY passionate about.

Why will Influencers want to join this? Why should they care?

Hunny will answer that in the following ways:

Stock options in Hunny

Influencers will receive a piece of the revenue generation they are responsible for creating

Influencers will get access to back stage VIP events and parties and premieres and Celebrities

Influencers will be given a chance to expand their audience to potentially many millions of people who have never heard of them or their products

Zero cost to align other than their requisite bandwidth requirement

Hunny believes the better question is….WHY WOULDN”T THEY?

How will I make money if I invest?

Hunny, although there can be no assurance, intends on executing a IPO (Initial Public Offering) at some point in the future and continuing to amass its influencer army and augment its user universe. Hunny believes that once it has 3-5MM users on its platform consistently utilizing its products and services, that corporate sponsors and celebrities will more quickly desire to participate and the company will grow at that point feeding upon itself.

We believe More influencers will beget more users which will, in turn, beget more corporate sponsorships which will beget more celebrity participation which will, FULL CIRCLE, beget more influencers which will beget more users and so on and so on and so on ….a FULL CIRCLE self fulfilling prophecy indeed.

That said, we believe in FULL transparency. Hey, some people still tell it like it is. You want to invest in us? Think casino odds, multiply times 100, and maybe you can calculate the risk quotient thereof…..and we did say, “Maybe.” Internet wealth means HUGE ridiculous unheard of incalculable risk……but that’s what makes this so great. See you out there soon

Until the Whole World gets just a little sweeter…..

We know it’s corny, but we still like it.

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