Jeff Vanderpol

Jeff Vanderpol

President & Founder

Jeff Vanderpol is recognized as an innovator with a diversified history of entrepreneurial ventures in various tech, entertainment and real estate sectors, as innovator and/or Founder. His creative talents, combined with a visionary acumen predicting “the next big thing”, lay the foundation for “HUNNY”.

Jeff served as President and Founder of Softstar International Solutions…. a multi-lingual, multi-currency International financial software company, where he was responsible for securing such global accounts as BFI Europe and Checkpoint Chile. Additionally, Vanderpol’s venture as Founder and President of expanded to over 65 employees, with media mogul Ted Field in the pivotal role as Chairman.

Vanderpol also created his own real estate development firm in Aspen, CO. As President and Founder of Chase Signature Homes, he was involved developing mega properties and building trophy homes, simultaneously amassing a RE portfolio valued in excess of $100MM.

Vanderpol graduated from Tulane University in 1983 and subsequently participated in such disparate industries over a 30-year career as commodities, dot-coms, entertainment, real estate, produce, spirits, technology and more, all defining a very diverse career.